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Director (18 credits): 

Roadtrip to the Totality Zone                   (In Development) 

The Game Camera - Short (2024)          Burnt Sugar / Wright Bros.                      URSA Black Magic

American Parent - Feature (2023)           Burnt Sugar / Wright Bros / Knowledge Flower

Fear Not - Short (2020)                           Burnt Sugar Productions                        Arri Alexa

Made In Japan - Feature Doc (In Post)    Burnt Sugar Productions                        Canon

Kokoromi Gakuen - Short Doc (2019)      Burnt Sugar Productions                        Canon

GAMS (2018)                                           Gayerbear Music Video                          Canon

The Resentful Angel (2018)                     TV Pilot 

Our Blood Is Wine (2018)                         Burnt Sugar / Morgan Station Films       iPhone 6  

At Papa’s - Short Film (2014)                   Columbia Thesis Film                             Arri Alexa

Columbia Frameworks (2014)                  Columbia College Chicago                     Canon 5D

Warbaby - Short (2014)                            Burnt Sugar Productions                        RED

The Vain Illusionist - Short (2014)            Columbia Thesis Film                             35mm

Fort - Short (2013)                                    Columbia Thesis Film                             Arri Alexa

The Fool (2013)                                        Upsin Hounds Music Video                     Canon 5D

The 6th Stage of Sugar - Short (2013)     Columbia College Chicago                      RED

Atoms - Experimental Short (2013)          Independent Project                                Canon 5D

The First Fall - Short (2012)                     Columbia College Chicago                      16mm

Writer (9 credits):

American Parent (2023)                                                                                          Narrative Feature

Fear Not (2019)                                     Burnt Sugar Productions                           Feature & Short, Drama

At Papa’s (2014)                                    Columbia College Chicago                        Short, Drama

The Armadillo’s Crisis (2014)                 (Unproduced)                                            Short, Claymation

The Vain Illusionist (2013)                      Columbia College Chicago                       Short, Dark Comedy

Hide Eliza (2014)                                   (Unproduced)                                            Feature, Dark Comedy

Fort (2013)                                             Columbia College Chicago                        Short, Drama

The 6th Stage of Sugar (2013)              Columbia College Chicago                        Short, Drama

The First Fall (2012)                               Columbia College Chicago                        Short, Drama


Producer (7 credits): 

Smoothie - Short (2023)                                                                                         Dir. Chris Churchill

Made In Japan                                        (In Post-Production)                                Dir. Emily Railsback

Fear Not (2020)                                      Burnt Sugar Productions                         Dir. Emily Railsback

Kokoromi Gakuen (2019)                        Burnt Sugar Productions                         Dir. Emily Railsback

Warbaby (2014)                                      Burnt Sugar Productions                         Dir. Emily Railsback

Bird (2013)                                              Columbia Thesis Film                              Dir. Mark Winters

The Persistence of Loss (2013)              Columbia Thesis Film                              Dir. Brian Lange

Other Credits (12 credits):

Widows - 2018                                         Extra                                             Dir. Steve McQueen

Freak Flag - 2016                                     Production Designer                    Dir. Sarah Conley

Facets Promo Video - 2014                      Production Designer                    Dir. Michael Smith

Uncle John** - 2013                                  Set Decorator                              Dir. Steven Piet

Pay Per View - 2014                                  Production Designer                     Dir. James Heiner

Pool Week - 2013                                      Production Designer                    Dir. Jeff Warner

The Persistence of Loss - 2013                 First Assistant Director                Dir. Brian Lange

Said the Blind Man - 2013                         Production Designer                     Dir. Ben Fout

The Articulators - 2012                              First Assistant Director                 Dir. Paul Demos

Valmara - 2012                                          UPM / 1st AD                               Dir. Ryan Shuck

Owning It - 2012                                        First Assistant Director                 Dir. Rondell Merrill

Some Punishment - 2012                          First Assistant Director                 Dir. CJ Richter



Live Performance


Director: “Gayerbear: The Live Visual Album” (2019)

A live comedy show mixed with musical theatre and video projections at Judy's Beat Lounge in The Second City, Chicago. 

Art Exhibits


“A Juxtaposition in Peruvian Life” 

A painting and photography exhibit showing poverty in Peru; juxtaposing quality of life in rural villages to urban slums.


2010 The Living Room                 Kansas City, MO

2010 The Brick                             Kansas City, MO

2010 LP Coffeehouse                   Hillsboro, KS

2010 Junction City Arts                 Junction City, KS





Columbia College Chicago -  (2012-2014)

MFA Screen Directing 


Tabor College - (2007-2009) 

BA Graphic Design, BA International Studies. Minor in Painting.


Whitworth University - (2005-2007)

Majored in Acting & Creative Writing. Minored in Dance. 



Teaching Experience


Film Production - University of Central Arkansas - Conway, AR (2021 - present)

Film Production II, Film Production III, Film Production IV, Production Project III (Graduate), Creative Producing, First Assistant Directing, Micro Short Film,

Marketing Distribution & Exhibition

Cinema Arts & Television - Columbia College Chicago - Chicago IL (2017 - 2021)

Advanced Casting Director, Interdisciplinary Documentary Producing, Strategic Distribution for Filmmakers, Seminar in Producing.


Oil Painting Instructor - Moxie Art Supply - Nashville TN (2011)

Taught a beginner’s oil painting course for adults at a community art studio.


Yoga Instructor - New Day Yoga Studio - Kansas City MO (2010)

Taught a course in Hatha beginning yoga.


Teaching Assistant - Tabor College - Hillsboro KS (2010) 

Intro to Cultural Anthropology - Taught 3 lectures on art in cultural anthropology. 

Assisted with grading and hosting study sessions for students.


Darkroom Chemist - Tabor College - Hillsboro, KS (2009)

Photography I / II - Managed the dark room, changed chemicals and assisted photography students with darkroom photography development. 


Tutor - Bruce PERU - Trujillo Peru (2009)

Tutored children in the slums whose education levels were too low to be accepted 

into state elementary schools. Taught in Spanish and tutored math, and reading. 


ESL Teacher - Bruce PERU - Trujillo Peru (2009)

Taught a basic English course to working professionals.





Related Work Experience


Film Director / President - Burnt Sugar Productions (2015 - present)

Production company co-owned with award-winning sommelier Jeremy Quinn. Our first documentary feature "Our Blood Is Wine" was produced with

the partnership of Morgan Station Films and distributed by Music Box Films.


Videographer / Graphic Designer / Photographer - Freelance - (2008 - Present)

Print design, Logos, branding, portraits, stationary, music videos. 


Film Distribution Intern - Music Box Films - Chicago IL (2014)

Assisted with grassroots marketing, film festival submissions & shipping.


Library Assistant - Tabor College - Hillsboro KS (2009)

Library desk attendant. Assisted students with book checkout and software. 


Digital Media  - Bruce PERU - Trujillo, Peru (2009)

Created logos and design projects for Bruce PERU. Photographed the Bruce PERU programs in the different slums.

Filmed interviews about the programs offered by the organization amidst political turmoil for the Peruvian education system. 


Resident Assistant - Tabor College - Hillsboro KS (2008-2009)

Mentored college freshman, created & led weekly activities to help create community on the college campus. 


Community Case Worker - Prairie View - Hillsboro KS (2007)

Worked with emotionally disturbed kids at a low-income summer camp. Led activities, tutored kids.


Admissions Ambassador - Whitworth University - Spokane WA (2005-2007)

Gave campus tours, hosted prospective students, data entry for the incoming applications. 



Volunteer Experiences


Art Coordinator & Camp Counselor - Justice Mission International (Chisinau, Moldova - July 2011)

Created art activities for orphans, Drew portraits for all of the children at the orphanage, led movement and dance activities.


Service Volunteer - TLC Thailand - (Summer 2008)

Volunteered with TLC in Chonburi, Thailand. Worked with AIDS orphans, tutored ESL 

students in the TLC after school program. 




Awards / Grants / Scholarships

Film Grant: Expecting COVID - Documentary

Columbia College Chicago Part-Time Faculty Grant

Film Grant: Fear Not - Short Film

Chicago Digital Media Production Fund - Chicago Filmmakers (2019)

Film Grant: Warbaby - Short Film

Albert P. Weisman Award - Columbia College Chicago (2014)



Follett Award - Columbia College Chicago (2012-2014)

Awarded by Columbia College for tuition in the film program.


Film Grants:

Columbia College Chicago Production Fund Awards:

Director: At Papa’s (2014)

Director: The Vain Illusionsist (2014)

Director: WarBaby (2014)

Director: The 6th Stage of Sugar (2013)

Director: Fort (2013)



"Best Narrative Kansas Short Film" - Tallgrass Film Festival (2020)

Director: “Fear Not”


Outstanding Achievement in Cinema - Big Screen XVII Festival (2013)

Director: “The First Fall”



Junction City Senior Artist Award - (2010)

Best Senior Artist across Kansas - Oil Painting & Photography


Film Festival Official Selections:


AMERICAN PARENT - (director/co-writer) 

BFI Flare London (2023), Mostra Fire! Barcelona LGBTQ Festival (2023)


FEAR NOT - (writer/director) 

Tallgrass Film Fest (2020)


GAMS - (director/cinematographer/editor) 

Austin Music Video Festival (2018)

Our Blood Is Wine - (director/cinematographer/editor) 

Berlinale International Film Festival, London Georgian Film Festival, Transatlantyk Festival (Poland), DOC YOUR WORLD (Chicago), Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)

Uncle John - (set dresser)

SXSW, Wisconsin Film Fest, Middle of the Map Fest, Florida Film Fest, Midwest Ind. Film Fest, Greenwich Film Fest,

Cinetopia Film Fest, deadCENTER film fest, SAG foundation, Destiny City Film Fest, Breckenridge Film Fest, Strasbourg Film Fest,

Milwaukee Film Fest, Hell's Half Mile Fest, San Diego Film Fest.


WarBaby - (director/producer)

Kansas City Film Fest, Louisville International Film Fest

The 6th Stage of Sugar - (writer/director)

Louisville International Film Fest, Tallgrass Film Fest


The First Fall - (writer/director)

Big Screen XVII Festival (Columbia College Chicago)




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