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BURNT SUGAR PRODUCTIONS is a production company created in 2015 by filmmaker Emily Railsback and award-winning sommelier and writer Jeremy Quinn. Their first collaboration "OUR BLOOD IS WINE" is a feature documentary captures intimate portraits of rural winemakers reviving 8,000 year old traditions in the Republic of Georgia that were nearly lost during the Soviet rule. The film premiered at the Berlinale International Film Festival in 2018, and received international distribution. 

The now married couple met at Telegraph Wine Bar where Jeremy was the beverage director and Emily worked as a server while completing her MFA in Screen Directing from Columbia College Chicago. They both love cinema that focuses on culture and place. 

Since giving birth to their daughter, Emily's films have shifted focus towards feminism and motherhood. Her style blends narrative with cinema-vérité techniques, which can be seen in her film "AMERICAN PARENT" (2023). Emily has partnered with actress, screenwriter, and executive producer Kristen Bush on three projects: "The Game Camera" (2024), "American Parent" (2023) and "Fear Not" (2020). Their brand RURAL WOMEN FILMS seeks to tell female-centric stories that bridge the gap between urban and rural cultures, and educate and employ female filmmakers in rural areas of the midwest and south. 


Jeremy is working on a creative non-fiction book on wine stories and pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Arkansas, where Emily teaches film production. 




Director Emily Railsback and Jeremy Quinn filming "Our Blood Is Wine"
Emily Railsback claps in DIY fashion when filming "Our Blood Is Wine" in the Georgian National Museum
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