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open casting call

See full character descriptions below.

Any donations or volunteer work will go a long way in supporting our movie. 

"Fear Not"

[SAI] (26-30), male, dark skin. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

A peace activist and deeply spiritual young pastor fresh from seminary. He discovered the Mennonite faith for its emphasis on social justice and active non-violence. When an interim pastor job opens up at a rural Mennonite church in Kansas, he takes it, despite being an outsider. LEAD.

[MRS. HIEBERT] (60s) female, German-Descent. An active volunteer at the Mennonite church, Blue-tinted hair with a frumpy church lady outfit, drives a Buick and welcomes the new pastor. Also the school secretary. Thick glasses, and lipstick outside of her lip line. SUPPORTING.

[GARY] (60s) male, Caucasian. Overweight campaign manager with greasy, slicked-back hair. He drives a pick-up, takes money from lobbyists, and tries to sway Jared to the dark side of politics. He’s outwardly kind to his neighbors, offers a helping hand in the community, and has served on the school board for decades. SUPPORTING.

[FAYE] (60), female, German-descent. The Holdeman Mennonite mother to Goldie and Jill. An isolationist who disregards government laws. She follows the strict orders of her patriarchal community, and tries to convince Goldie to come back to their faith. She wears homemade cotton dresses with white socks and sneakers. Her hair in a low bun with a headcovering and center part. SUPPORTING.

[FARMER DICK], (60s-70s) male, Caucasian. Old, overweight farmer in bad health who leads his group of farmers each morning for coffee and town gossip. He’s a rascal, but a softy underneath.SUPPORTING.

[DEPUTY ANNIE] (40s), female, Open Ethnicity. Overweight cop with heavy breathing and a slight limp. She’s the reason many community members feel they should protect themselves. SUPPORTING.

[SCIENCE TEACHER] (40-60), All Genders/All Ethnicities. Ex-hippie against the new gun training, but needs to keep their job. Isn’t willing to stand up for their beliefs if it means losing their job. MINOR.

[FARMER HANK] (60s) male, Caucasian. The old farmer who mumbles during gossip hour at the bakery. MINOR.

[OLD FARMER 1] (55-70) male, Caucasian. Worn-out farmer who can’t afford to retire. MINOR.

[GYM TEACHER] (50s) All Genders/All Ethnicities. The overweight gym teacher who probably won state for shot put; always in a tracksuit with a bad haircut. FEATURED EXTRA.

[BAND DIRECTOR] (40-60), male, Caucasian. Afraid of active shooter trainings. Wishes he could transport himself back to a time when arts and humanities were prized. FEATURED EXTRA.

[COMPUTER SCIENCE TEACHER] (40s) male, Open Ethnicity. Wishes he could be playing Atari alone. Doesn’t like to socialize or talk about politics. A dad-type in pleated khakis. FEATURED EXTRA.

[LAWNMOWER MAN] (80s) male, Caucasian. The old man who drives 5 mph down the small town streets on his riding lawn mower holding up traffic. FEATURED EXTRA.

[GRAIN CO-OP EMPLOYEE] (17-60) male, Caucasian. Adjusts daily crop prices on the sign out front.







School Classroom

Goldie's House

Sai's House



hiring crew

Production Sound Mixer


First A.C.

Props & Costumes

Hair & Make-up

Student interns

Production Assistant

Boom Operator

Script Supervisor

Art Production Assistant

how to make 

a self-tape


If you're new to acting, or simply interested in trying your hand at it, don't hesitate. 

Here's a how-to video to help you create a self-tape video audition. You can then upload it to google drive, make the link sharable and send it in an email through the contact page of my website. 

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